WN Istanbul’22, a business conference for games industry professionals, will take place on June 7-8 in Turkey’s capital. There will also be a developer showcase, with organizers having already started accepting applications.

The showcase is free to participate in. Developers can apply before May 24 to get their own booth and a free premium ticket for the online or on-site event.

The booth will be equipped with furniture, lighting, a power plug, and the company’s name. It will help participants showcase their games and build relationships with industry experts and fellow developers.

Only applications with a working game build will be approved. At least, a vertical slice or an alpha version are required. However, it is better to have a project at the beta or pre-launch stage.

Developers who won’t be able to visit Istanbul will take part in the online showcase via the WN Hub. It will be a part of WN MENA’22, a digital event taking place from May 24 till June 24. All participants will get premium tickets with unlimited chats and meeting options.

Participants of both online and on-site showcases will also compete in the WN Dev Contest with a $150,000 prize pool from Xsolla, the event’s general partner.

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