Ryan James Smith, tech art R&D director at Gearbox, has introduced a black hole model he’s been working on for a year and a half. The whole project was made with Unreal Engine.

Smith shared the results of his work on Twitter, saying that the model is powered by Niagara VFX. It is a tool for visual effects inside Unreal Engine 5, which helped the developer implement physically correct gravitational lensing.

“Niagara is a game changer,” Smith wrote. “It gives me such fine control over pretty much everything involved in the sim. I set everything up so I can control things like a custom density attribute and color over distance to the event horizon.”

Popular YouTube channel ScienceClic provided Smith with the equations he needed to complete the project.

Epic Games launched Unreal Engine 5 on April 5 after testing the framework in multiple projects. During the keynote, Crystal Dynamics also announced that it is now working on a new Tomb Raider game using UE5.

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