Amplifier Game Invest, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, has acquired Danish independent studio Invisible Walls. The financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

The acquisition was announced on March 16. It should strengthen Amplifier’s positions in the area of multiplayer games.

“Becoming part of a group with a lot of great competencies, studios and partners can really help fuel our ambitions as a game studio,”  Invisible Walls CEO Niels Wetterberg said in a statement. “With Amplifier, we will be able to leverage our experience with social strategy games and explore the next steps in catering to popcorn gamers in a way that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.”

Invisible Walls, founded in 2017, is best known for its social party game First Class Trouble. It has attracted 1.5 million players on PC and PS+ since its launch in 2021. The studio, which employs 15 people, will continue to make games based on original IPs.

Amplifier Game Invest is one of the ten operative groups within Embracer. With Invisible Walls, it now owns 19 game development studios, including Rare Earth Games, Palindrome Interactive, and Neon Giant (The Ascent).

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