Linus and Viktor Blomberg, known as Avalanche co-founders, have started new game development studio Elemental Games. The team of industry veterans will continue to create open-world games.

Elemental Games was founded in August 2021 and officially comes out of the shadows today.

Besides the Blomberg brothers, the founding team includes experienced developers from DICE, Epic Games, Ubisoft, and Avalanche Studios. Their portfolio includes titles like Fortnite and Battlefield 1, as well as films and TV series like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Mandalorian.

Elemental Games is now working on its first unannounced game and its own open-world technology alongside third-party collaborations.

“We will continue to evolve systemic gameplay and the open-world genre, using all the knowledge we gained from Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage 2 and other Avalanche games,” Linus Blomberg said, adding that the studio wants to bring the best of AAA and indie worlds by providing the team with a full creative and financial independence.

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