Valve has shared a video of its CEO Gabe Newell delivering Steam Deck to customers in Seattle. The company informed some clients about the visit, but not everyone believed that Gaben himself will appear on their doorsteps.

“We hired a new delivery guy to help with the Steam Deck launch, not sure he’s going to work out,” the company wrote on Twitter.

It looks like Gaben did great, moving from house to house and delivering Steam Deck in hands of the first buyers. Some of them were surprised to see Newell who gave them the portable PC with his autograph.

The Valve co-founder also chatted with people about Final Fantasy and asked them to send their feedback to his email.

Newell got nostalgic at some point, saying that this event reminded him of his younger days.

“So the first job I ever had was delivering newspapers but then the next job I had was delivering telegrams for Western Union,” he said. “Overall, it’s sort of bringing me back to my days as a Western Union telegram delivery boy.”

Steam Deck was officially launched on February 25, which means that the first customers can finally get their devices. The portable PC received positive reviews from most critics, with some of them calling it an ambitious device that suits great both for running AAA games and emulating titles from retro consoles.

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