Shirley Curry, who is known as Skyrim grandma, has revealed that she had a stroke in her sleep and forgot how to play her favorite video game. The 85-year-old YouTuber says that she feels lost but hopeful.

Shirley Curry with Bethesda director Todd Howard

Shirley made a post for her YouTube subscribers, saying that she has been in the hospital for a few days, so she couldn’t post any videos.

“I cannot remember much about how to play Skyrim!!” Curry wrote. “Also can’t remember finances too well,  also can’t remember my medicines too well.”

However, there are some improvements. She started therapy, which should help “unclog” her brain and recover. The Skyrim grandma said that she got scared because the Bethesda hit game was her daily routine for years.

“Skyrim is giving me fits!!!” Shirley wrote. “My big game every day for years, and I wake up one morning and it’s mostly gone!!! It is a scary situation!! I’m hoping that things will improve with this therapy, get-togethers talking with someone over the issues, I guess.”

Curry is now at home, slowly recovering from the stroke. The last Skyrim video was posted on her channel on February 10. Yesterday, she also shared a vlog talking about the situation.

Shirley Curry got famous online for playing TES V: Skyrim and now has 986k subscribers on YouTube. Bethesda even decided to add her as an NPC in the next Elder Scrolls game.

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