Toshihiro Nagoshi has shared the first details about forming a new NetEase-funded studio. He revealed the reasons behind leaving SEGA and explained why he will have more freedom under the Chinese company’s umbrella.

In an interview with Famitsu, Nagoshi noted that he just “wanted to do something different than before,” adding that he is now feeling as fresh as when he first started making games almost three decades ago.

Speaking of why he decided to leave SEGA, Nagoshi said that big game publishers usually have schedules and business plans for several years ahead. So he probably couldn’t make new projects, besides the Yakuza series, while staying at the company.

But will things change at NetEase? Nagoshi has reasons to think so.

“One of the reasons for becoming independent as a development studio this time is that I strongly wanted to develop games without considering such prerequisites,” he said. “When I talked to the people of NetEase Games, I clearly emphasized that ‘I want to do it with our own creative methodology,’ and they agreed with it.”

Although Nagoshi is free to make anything he wants and already has a plan for his new game, it is still unknown what his next project will be about.

Nagoshi Studio was announced on January 24. The new studio will be a part of NetEase, with some former members of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio joining Toshihiro Nagoshi on his new journey.

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