Activision Blizzard has been dealing with the workplace misconduct scandal since July. It’s been reported that the company has laid off more than three dozen people and disciplined 40 employees ever since.

The publisher’s spokeswoman Helaine Klasky told The Wall Street Journal that a total of 37 people “exited” the company. Although Activision allegedly collected about 700 reports of employee concern, she disputed this figure, saying that those comments ranged from small concerns and statements on social media to potentially serious accusations.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Activision Blizzard was supposed to release data before the winter holidays, but the company’s CEO Bobby Kotick reportedly prevented it from going public. Klasky, however, denied these allegations, saying that Activision wants to make sure it has “accurate data and analysis to share.”

Activision Blizzard saw its shares drop by 27% since July 2021, which raised concerns among investors. At the end of November, Fidelity International, which owns 0.6% of the company’s stock, called for an independent review by an outside law firm. However, Klasky noted that the board of directors still trusts and supports Kotick.

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