While Battlefield 2042 had many technical problems at launch and got negative reviews from players, the game still might be doing great in terms of sales. According to a new report, the shooter reached 4.23 million units sold in its first week.

This data came from insider and journalist Tom Henderson. According to the report, Battlefield 2042 week 1 sales are below Battlefield 3 (4.68 million), but above Battlefield 1 (3.46 million) and Battlefield 4 (2.59 million).

Henderson also shared Battlefield 2042’s Thanksgiving stats. The game reached 1.67 million active users across all platforms over this period, with Steam accounting for about 20% of the total player base.

Although Henderson shared numerous accurate reports before, it is worth noting that this data is still unauthorized by neither DICE nor EA.

In other news about Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts announced restructure of DICE, with Oskar Gabrielson stepping down from his role of the studio’s general manager. He will be replaced by former Ubisoft Annecy managing director Rebecka Coutaz.

Respawn Entertainment head Vince Zampella will become an overall boss of the whole franchise, being responsible for its future development and evolution. He will help EA create a “connected Battlefield universe,” which will include games for different platforms, including upcoming Battlefield Mobile.

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