HypeHype, formerly known as Frogmind, has raised €13 million from Supercell. The company will spend this investment to develop and support its own platform, which allows users to create and remix their own mobile titles.

At its core, HypeHype is similar to platforms like Roblox. Players can create their games using a no-code editor and ready-made assets, as well as collaborate, socialize, and compete with other users.

The ability to remix and create new versions of existing games on the platform is what makes HypeHype stand out from its competitors. Users can add new features and levels, or even switch mechanics and genres of other UGC titles.

“We are excited to see the HypeHype team’s bold and ambitious vision to revolutionize how games are created and played,” Supercell Investment Lead Jaakko Harlas said. “At Supercell, we are huge believers in the power of UGC and giving creators new and innovative outlets for their creativity.”

Players have already created more than 132,000 games on the platform since HypeHype entered early access in the Philippines earlier this year. It is now available on PC (as an HTML5 web app) and mobile in selected regions.

The company behind HypeHype was previously called Frogmind. It is best known for creating mobile titles like Badland and Rumble Stars. HypeHype now employs 37 people.

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