There is a little reshuffle within the Gearbox Entertainment leadership, as Randy Pitchford has announced that he is stepping down from leading the company’s game development division. Instead, he will focus on TV and film adaptations of Gearbox games.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Pitchford made the announcement on Twitter, saying that chief technology officer Steve Jones will take his place as the president of Gearbox Software. He will lead all production and development of upcoming games.

As for Pitchford, he will remain the CEO and president of Gearbox Entertainment. “I will also continue wearing a creative hat with several creative touch points around the company,” he wrote.

Randy Pitchford will also become the head of Gearbox Studios, a new division that will focus on on-screen adaptations of the company’s IPs. There is now a Borderlands movie in production. However, there is no information about other potential films or TV series based on other games.

“With multiple AAA projects underway and many more in our greenlight pipeline with Gearbox Software along with a raft of great games from Gearbox Publishing and an explosive transmedia business with Gearbox Studios, we are just getting started,” Pitchford stated.

Gearbox Entertainment was founded in 1999 by five former Rebel Boat Rocker employees, including Pitchford. The company is best known for game series like Borderlands and Brothers in Arms.

Earlier this year, Swedish holding company Embracer Group acquired Gearbox Entertainment for $1.38 billion.

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