Amazon Games has announced its partnership with indie studio Glowmade. It will develop an original IP, which will be an online co-op game inspired by Labyrinth and Wrestlemania.

The partnership, the terms of which are not disclosed, was announced on September 22. “Glowmade is a team of seasoned developers with the right creativity and experience to make games players will love,” Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann said in a statement.

The studio’s upcoming co-op project will be published by Amazon Games. “We can’t say too much, but if you can imagine Jim Henson’s Labyrinth mashed up with Wrestlemania, then you’ll be on the right track,” Glowmade noted without going into details.

Glowmade, founded in 2015, is based in Guildford, England. The team consists of industry professionals who have worked on games like Little Big Planet, Fable, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Battlefield.

Amazon is still trying to gain a foothold in the video game market. It had a few canceled first-party projects, including Crucible. The company is now preparing to release its MMORPG New World, which has already topped the charts and peaked at 200K concurrent players on Steam.

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