While some fans have been waiting for a new Nintendo Switch to support 4K content, the console’s new version is pretty much the same in terms of technologies being used. The biggest difference, however, is the larger and brighter OLED screen.

Nintendo introduced a new version of Switch on July 6. The console has some new important features. However, it’s not an upgrade some people have been expecting for a while.

In March, a few sources told Bloomberg that the upcoming console will come out later this year and will probably have a new chip to support a 4K quality when connected to a TV. It seems that these reports were incorrect, although the new console will have a new display.

Nintendo Switch’s new version will come with a larger and more colorful 7-inch OLED screen, supporting a resolution of 1280×720. In contrast, the original Switch has a 6.2-inch display. It will still support 1080p content when plugged into a TV.

The console will also have improved speakers, a new kickstand design with a wired LAN port, and 64GB of internal storage. It will also become a little heavier, weighing about 0.71 lbs.

In terms of other characteristics, it’s pretty much the good old Switch. The console will still have a battery of 4,310mAh, with a battery life between 4.5 and 9 hours. You can read all the specs here.

The new Nintendo Switch will come out on October 8 at a price of $349.99, which is $50 more than what the original console costs.

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