Over the past years, games’ stories and worlds have become so big that companies struggle to keep everything consistent. That’s why Bungie has opened a unique position of “Destiny Historian” to catalog the game’s universe and narrative.

According to Bungie, a historian should have experience in managing books and series through the editorial processes, with the other prerequisite being, of course, deep knowledge of the Destiny brand.

“As a Historian, you’ll facilitate the creative process with an encyclopedic knowledge of the IP and develop references leveraged by all Destiny storytellers in conjunction with the creative leadership team,” the job description reads.

A person in this position will maintain Destiny’s continuity and consistency, create story bibles, coordinate writers, generate character bios and environment guides, as well as review all game scripts.

Ever since Destiny’s release, its lore became so huge and complex that it’s hard for new players to sometimes even understand what’s going on in this universe. Perhaps, that’s why there are a lot of YouTube videos that break down the game’s world.

“I’ve never really heard of a role like this at other companies,” Bungie senior tech designer wrote. However, there are some other studios that hired people in similar positions. For example, Respawn has a narrative historian for Apex Legends.

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