Today, Marvel Games and Netmarble opened pre-registrations for their AAA open-world mobile game Marvel Future Revolution.

That’s right, AAA open-world experiences are becoming increasingly possible on mobile.

In an interview with Twinfinite, the developers discussed their ambitions behind Marvel Future Revolution.

The team is hoping to make the title appealing to both core and casual gamers. “We want this game to be the first touchpoint for console gamers to try out playing a mobile game seriously, but also to onboard casual gamers to this kind of experience. Basically, we’d like to pull the two extremes together,” the team said.

They hope to attract core gamers typically focused on consoles thanks to the title’s high visual fidelity, as well as its open-world design. The game will also offer “a lot of actual gameplay for an hands-on experience.” On the other hand, the team intends for the title to also be welcoming to casual mobile gamers, so they describe the game as “fatigue-free.” Whether this means some kind of automation for players remains to be seen.

Elsewhere in the interview, the team said they hope to drop new content every 5-6 weeks.

In case that’s the first you’ve heard about Marvel Future Revolution, the title featuring several multiplayer modes is coming to iOS and Android (still no release date announced). Despite the game having console-quality visuals, the devs are not currently planning either Xbox or PlayStation ports.

And here’s the trailer that prompted fans to compare it to Marvel’s Avengers from Square Enix, with several people noting that “a mobile Marvel game’s character designs [are far superior to those of] AAA console/PC game that is made by a major studio.”


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