Outfit7 has revealed its new development strategy dedicated to expanding its game portfolio beyond pet simulation and runner genres. The list of new titles includes auto-chess and tower defense games.

Mythic Legends

The company shared the news at its event Outfit7 NOW 2021 on May 27. According to the British developer, new IPs will help it grow its user base of up to 430 million monthly active users.

The upcoming new titles are:

  • Mythic Legends, an auto-chess-inspired mobile game, is expected to come out this summer. It also has an asynchronous multiplayer;
  • Swamp Attack 2, an arcade shooter with elements of tower defense, is expected to come out later this year;
  • An unknown life simulation game with “deep choice-based storytelling and a visual narrative.” It will be released in 2022.

“The success of the Talking Tom and Friends franchise is something we are incredibly proud of, but now is the time for us to reposition ourselves and expand into other segments,” Outfit7 CEO Xinyu Qian said. “We’re uniquely placed to do this because we have the right people, an experienced organization and a strong company culture.”

All these announcements aside, Outfit7 will continue to support the Talking Tom and Friends franchise. The company plans to release My Talking Angela 2 this summer, as well as Talking Tom Gold Run 2.

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