PlayStation signed a deal with Firewalk Studios, formed by Destiny veterans. The development of their first game will be led by Bungie’s former creative director.

The deal was announced today on the PlayStation official blog. There are no details about the game or its release date yet. According to, the game will be exclusive to PlayStation.

Here is the team behind Firewalk Studios, which is part of ProbablyMonsters collective of game studios:

  • Studio head — Tony Hsu, former general manager and senior vice president of Destiny;
  • Game director — Ryan Ellis, former creative director of Destiny;
  • Executive producer — Elena Siegman, former producer of Bioshock Infinite, Guitar Hero II, and multiple Destiny releases.
  • Other employees include people who previously worked on franchises like Mass Effect and Apex Legends.

“The lovely folks that we are talking to today at Firewalk Studios, they’re story tellers just like the people at PlayStation Studios are. […] Matched with their deep experience as a collective in AAA multiplayer games, I think that is going to lead to some very interesting and very nice surprises for our fans,” head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst said.

Tony Hsu notes that Firewalk Studios is “already hard at work on development.” The multiplayer title will be based on a new original IP.

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