Rapid market feedback platform PickFu launched PickFu for Games.

PickFu for Games enables developers to launch short-form surveys and quickly split test their game’s creative assets. “By polling players in your target market, you can make informed decisions at every stage of development,” the description on the website reads. “Which character do players prefer? What screenshots will motivate them to download? Which animation style will keep them engaged?”

Example poll

The platform allows you to access up to 500 U.S.-based users at a time. PickFu polls start at $50.

“Our platform gives our customers highly affordable, rapid access to their target players so they can ask the essential questions that drive the game development process. They get detailed feedback quickly, which leads to better games and ultimately, higher revenue,” said PickFu co-founder John Li.

Founded in 2008, PickFu helps businesses get qualitative consumer feedback across various industries, including publishing, e-commerce, app development, insurance, and marketing.

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