Creative Assembly is now the UK’s largest gaming company. The developer that created the Total War series has three studios in the country with 800 permanent employees.

Image: Creative Assembly

The company shared the news on its official website. Creative Assembly decided to open a new studio in West Sussex, as it grew by over 20% last year.

“In the future we’ll be transforming our working model to embed flexibility as the norm, and we need the right environment to achieve that,” studio director Gareth Edmondson stated while saying that he wants to end the “traditional 9-5 in-office work mode.”

Besides three development studios, Creative Assembly has a Motion Capture facility and office in Bulgaria called CA Sofia.

The company also shared some exciting news for the Total War fans. The 20-year-old series has sold over 36 million units, with 1.5 million monthly players. Creative Assembly is now working on Total War: Warhammer III, as well as an unannounced sci-fi shooter based on a new IP.

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