Tencent obtained a patent for its own game controller, which looks very similar to Sony’s and Microsoft’s devices. As it’s only a design, it’s unclear when and if this gamepad will be released.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad shared the news on April 2, also showing a few images of the patented device. The controller is presented in two colors, pink and black, and it was hard not to notice obvious parallels with other gamepads.

Tencent’s controller has a center pad similar to DualSense. Its button layout also looks like it was taken from Xbox. Besides that, the gamepad features buttons on its back. The company hasn’t given any further details on the patented device yet.

In March, Tencent also obtained a patent for its own console, which looks almost like Nintendo Switch. If the tech giant does make the console, it will probably work under Windows 10 and will support PC games.

“While Tencent is known as a leader in mobile gaming, the firm has been pushing further into the AAA console/PC space,” Ahmad wrote. The company is now developing more cross-platform titles and investing in console developers.

On top of that, Tencent has been partnering with NVIDIA since 2019. The tech giant launched the cloud gaming service START in China, with its own TV station and gamepad.

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