Sony seems really satisfied with the launch of PlayStation 5. To celebrate the success, the company is going to reward its Japanese employees with annual bonuses reportedly equivalent to a 7-month salary.

Japanese state broadcaster NHK reported Sony’s plans, according to GameRant. Most of the company’s local employees will receive bonuses worth tens of thousands of dollars, while some people in the top management may be rewarded with six-figure sums.

Most Japanese companies reward their employees annually every April when the financial year in the country comes to an end. However, recent reports claim that Sony’s bonuses this year might be record-breaking, as the company has agreed to pay much more than the workers’ union had requested.

The success of PlayStation 5 probably influenced Sony’s decision. According to NPD Group, it has already become the fastest-selling console in the US history (based on the numbers after its first four months on the market).

Sony sold 4.5 million units of PlayStation 5 by December 31 and called the PS5 launch the biggest ever. The company also expects its gaming division to reach an annual net profit of $3.2 billion, as it will release its annual report next month.

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