Mobile developer and publisher Playrix has just bought a new studio. Boolat Games joined the company to work on the announced F2P title.

Playrix hasn’t disclosed any financial details of the deal. It’s been revealed that the acquired studio will be renamed to Boolat Play.

The Ukrainian company employs 30 people, working in Kyiv and Poltava. Boolat Play is planning to increase its staff in the nearest future, as it is now started developing a new F2P game.

In 2010, Playrix collaborated with Boolat Games on the port of its casual game 4 Elements for PS3. “In 2021, I believe that combining Boolat’s unique experience with our expertise and resources will let us create hits together that will be appreciated by millions of players,” Playrix CEO Dmitry Bukhman said.

Boolat Games was founded in 2001, focusing on game development, porting, and localization. In the early 2000s, it was creating more hardcore games, like Lethal Dreams and Lagsters. The company’s focus has later changed to causal titles, like Topatoi and Harvest Land.