Russian publisher MY.GAMES announced its revenue reached over $0.5 billion in 2020. Mobile games were the key factor, contributing to over 70% of total earnings.


Key takeaways

  • Total revenue in 2020 reached $562 million. It’s up 30% year-over-year, representing 38% of Group’s consolidated revenue last year.
  • US, Germany, and Japan were the key markets, with 75% of MY.GAMES’ earnings coming from outside of Russia.
  • Mobile games were the main driver of growth, representing 73% of total revenue. The company also reported 90% of its earnings coming from its own IPs.
  • The most successful games include Hustle Castle, Grand Hotel Mania, and War Robots, which has just surpassed $500 million in lifetime revenue.

The company’s investment division MGVC was active in 2020, investing in 12 studios and making two consolidations (Deus Craft and BeIngame).

MY.GAMES is already in the Top 50 game companies in the world, according to CEO Vasily Maguryan. Now it is planning to make it to the Top 25, while also doubling its EBITDA each year.