Mobile publisher Playrix and famous Russian rock singer Zemfira released an animated music video for a new song Austin. It’s inspired by the Homescapes butler of the same name.


The music video premiered on Zemfira’s official YouTube channel last night and already has more than 200 thousand views. The singer says that the song was recorded last fall while she was playing Homescapes at home.

“He really annoys me with his sterility, orderliness, and his whole being, but he is an indispensable character in my life and I constantly return to him,” says Zemfira, who turned out to be a huge fan of the game.

The music video directed by Aleksey Krupnyk is really eerie and dark. Austin walks around a dilapidated mansion that eventually burns down entirely. In the end, the butler wakes up from this nightmare and gets into the bright world of Homescapes again.

“You piss me off, Austin,” sings Zemfira while also asking the character to come to visit her. Playrix also claims that the whole idea of the song came from the singer and her crew.

Zemfira is a famous Russian singer and rock musician who rose up to fame in the late 90s. Working with a studio as Playrix is really unusual for her, as she rarely collabs with big companies and their PR divisions.

Zemfira’s last full-length album Live Inside Your Head (Жить в твоей голове) was released in 2013, and that’s why Austin also drew a lot of attention from the fans.