Today, Polish studio One More Level stated that it hasn’t seen revenue from Ghostrunner’s commercial success yet. Not being able to publish its financial report, the company saw its shares drop.


The news has been shared by the Polish financial site Bankier. Ghostrunner developers claimed it didn’t receive any data or official information about the amount of revenue and royalties from All in! Games that served as the project’s publisher.

This problem led to One More Level not being able to release a proper quarterly report on February 15, because it basically didn’t have enough data to estimate its possible revenue. It made the studio’s shares fall by 10% today, while All in! Games’ shares went down by 5%.

One More Level previously reported that the estimated revenue from Ghostrunner sales exceeded €2.5 million, covering all the development costs. On top of that, the title sold over 500,000 copies, surpassing the expectations by 25%. According to the studio, it has received no money since the project’s release.

It’s worth noting that five companies in total were involved in making Ghostrunner: One More Level, All in! Games, publisher 505 Games, 3D Realms (they helped OML with the development), and Slipgate (they were involved in distribution and marketing activities).

Only three of them — 505 Games, One More Level, and All in! Games — could claim royalties. However, it is still unknown how the proceeds should have been shared exactly.