Evva Karr, co-founder of Glitch, a global collective providing consulting and early stage funding to innovative gaming startups, launched Founder’s Kit that you might want to bookmark.

It’s a collection of public notes and tool kits contributed by various studios to help fledling devs.  Currently, it contains three sections: Pacts, Covenants, & Treaties; Business Structures; Pitch Decks.

Pacts, Covenants, & Treaties includes templates of actual documents like mutual NDAs, contractor deals, and founder’s agreements. These should only be used as a reference, a starting point and are subject to revision in accordance with the local laws.

Business Structures lists the information intended to help developers identify a business structure that optimal in the context of their goals.

Finally, Pitch Decks is a curated collection of presentations from game creators around the world and the outcomes of each sample. “The goal here is to create more transparency for everyone around common pitching practices and help you make better decisions for your game,” the description reads. Right now, there are 11 pitch decks including games like Bioshock, Diablo, and Backbone. The owners of the site intend to regularly update the collection. In fact, you can submit your own pitch deck or contribute any other materials.