Possible Reality is a Los Angeles-based startup founded in 2018. They are now alpha-testing their Intract technology allowing gamers to take a 2D picture of their face and make it into a 3D avatar inside a video game or any other virtual environment.

intractRyan Isbel and his Intract avatar. Image Credit: Possible Reality

The company is now offering trials to developers so they can integrate it into their games via an application programming interface (API), Venture Beat reports.

“Our goal was to make it easy for both developers and gamers to add their faces inside of video games. There is competition, but they focus on proprietary avatar models and cartoon faces. As gamers, we wanted to do this with existing game characters,” says Possible Reality founder Ryan Isbell. “The developer will take the API code and use that so you can put yourself into the game,” Ravel said. “Our opportunity is to democratize the process of doing this and making it available to any game studio.”

What Intract does is take a low-resolution 2D photo from a smartphone, webcam, or any other source and maps it onto an animated body and head quickly and easily. This basically allows gamers to slap their faces onto the main character — much like you would do with a skin in some game mod.

The the tech is compatible with all gaming and coding platforms.