Joost van Dreunen, co-founder of SuperData Research and its former CEO, has written a book titled One Up: Creativity, Competition, and the Global Business of Video Games. It’s coming out today, October 6.


Joost van Dreunen. Image credit: Superjoost

The book discusses innovation and strategy in the video game industry and explains how games have become a mainstream form of entertainment.

On Up relies on more than three decades of “rigorously compiled industry data” to demonstrate how video game companies use creativity not just in game design, but also in their business strategy. It also references case studies of over 200 companies including Activision Blizzard, Apple, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Microsoft, Nexon, Sony, Take-Two Interactive, Tencent, and Valve.

Financial investors, strategic decision-makers, and creatives will benefit from tons of empirical research and insights gleaned from industry leaders and innovators. You can buy the book here.