Black Desert Online from Pearl Abyss has generated $1.7 billion in revenue since its launch in 2015. Of that, $700 million the game has brought in since April 2019.


This is from 40 million users from over 150 countries, according to North America and Europe account for 40 percent of the title’s revenue, followed by South Korea at 26 percent. The remaining 34 percent come from users across the rest of Asia.

The MMO initially came out on PC and only arrived on mobile and consoles in 2019. Apparently, the surge in revenue has to with Black Desert Online‘s launch on new platforms. Pearl Abyss CEO Robin Jung seem to indirectly confirm this:

“We’ve reached dizzying heights and continue to strive towards making the best games in the world. One key aspect of our success has been the creation of our in-house game engine. This technology has allowed us to quickly scale titles like Black Desert across multiple huge platforms, all while delivering new content and exciting experiences to our players.”