Nekki has launched the open beta test of its Cascadeur physics‑based character animation tool. Devs can use animations created with Cascadeur’s latest beta version in their commercial projects without license fees or even having to ask Nekki’s permission.

The OBT of Cascadeur has been in development for over a year, the team wrote in a blog post. More than 18,000 users have participated.

This version features the following improvements:

  • the revised core architecture to improve the general performance of Cascadeur;
  • better rig creation tools, such as a more user-friendly controller behavior and improved interpolation;
  • GUI conversion to QML.

Nekki plans to allow devs to use the OBT version for free indefinitely. However, once the full version of Cascadeur is out, the team will no longer support the beta. Nekki is also considering upgrading the OBT version to the full version at no cost to indie teams.