On June 8-11, the Talents In Games conference will go live bringing together over 2,000 game developers.


The talks will cover four major areas: Game Design, User Acquisition, Art, and Community Management. The full program is available here. 

Among the highlights of the event:

– Jama Jurabaev will give a talk about the concept art for AAA projects and share his experience working on the art of Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-men: Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, Aladdin and many other movies;

– Carlos Grangel, a Spanish character designer for Dreamworks, Disney and Tim Burton’s movies, will hold a workshop and offer his insights into creating characters that players will fall in love with;

– David Mullich, a legendary video game designer and producer, will share his 40 years’ experience in creating iconic titles like Have No Mouth, and I Must ScreamVampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and, of course, Heroes of Might and Magic III. (You might want to check out our interview with David here.)

Other speakers will represent leading gaming brands including Niantic, Voodoo, Supercell, Wargaming, Pixonic, and Game Point.

The conference will take place on the WN Hub networking platform.

Registration is free.