According to Take-Two president Karl Slatoff, the publisher plans to release 93 new titles in the next five years. This is from both internal studios and third-party developers.

Broken down, these plans look like this:

  • 63 “core” experiences (which doesn’t necessarily mean AAA, but rather any “engaging experiences, where you can play anywhere from five minutes to five hours at a time.”). Of those, 15 will be ports of existing titles to new platforms;
  • 17 mid-core titles;
  • 13 casual titles.

Out of the 93 titles planned, 46 releases will introduce new IP, with the remaining 47 coming from existing franchises.

Platform-wise, the company will release 72 cross-platform titles to be available on console, PC, and streaming platforms, with seven of these also available on mobile. 21 titles will be developed exclusively for mobile.

As for monetization model, 67 of these titles would be paid games, while 26 would be free-to-play.

Slatoff also explained that all of these are full game releases and do include add-on or DLCs.  He also said that adjustments are possible to this projections, with some games potentially delayed or cancelled, and other new titles added in the future.