Mobile marketing company AppLovin continues to invest in games studios. Two of its latest strategic investments include Clipwire Games and Geewa.


Clipwire Games is a Toronto-based mobile game developer, which was founded in 2008. It is the studio behind titles like Bingo Story, Bingo World Tour, Solitaire Buddies, and Word Buddies.

Prague-based Geewa develops and publishes casual, competitive multiplayer mobile games like its 2018 hit Smashing Four. The company has been around since 2005.

“Both studios have already achieved great success, but  AppLovin’s investment will help to sustain and proliferate growth and provide these studios with new expertise and resources,’’ reads the company’s blog.

The terms of the deals were not disclosed, but in keeping with AppLovin’s previous investments, both teams will retain creative control and will continue to be headed by the same management.

Founded in 2012 to facilitate mobile games discovery, AppLovin started making investments in games companies in 2018. It previously invested in Belka Games (Clockmaker), PeopleFun (Wordscapes), Firecraft Studios (Matchington Mansion), and MagicAnt (Fill).

The company also owns its in-house studio, Lion Studios.