GameRefinery has purchased mobile insight company No information is available on the details of the deal.


UK-based uses publicly available data and sales figures disclosed by publishers and developers to generate revenue and install estimates for iOS and Android. The service is available across 35 countries. Companies like Square Enix, Sega, Wooga, Miniclip and InnoGames have successfully used the data from

Helsinki-based GameRefinery helps devs better understand features, re-engagement mechanics, demographics, visuals, and monetization design. Its insights are based on the data from 10,000 popular mobile games.

By combining revenue and downloads data with GameRefinery’s genre taxonomy and feature level mobile game data we are able to provide our clients with a holistic and unique combination, which they cannot get from anywhere else. We are able to tie this data into features and explain what are the features for example in different genres that drive the most revenue. We do the same for example with demographics, so we are able to tell which game features appeal to different demographics.

Markus Råmark, CEO at GameRefinery