Apple initially intended to officially launch Arcade on September 19, but the company decided to move it up by three days.

Those who have already upgraded to iOS 13, which is in public beta right now, can access the new platform right now.


Arcade is deeply integrated into the App Store – Apple has allocated a whole tab in the store. It replaced a section with updates (now you can access it by clicking on the profile icon).

For most users, Arcade will become available on September 19th, along with the release of iOS 13. The first month of subscription is free, after that, it will cost you $4.99 a month..

As of this moment, players can access fifty four premium mobile games, no IAPs or ads, and enjoy the curated quality content and the higher privacy standards preventing games from collecting analytics. Many of the titles in the collection are exclusives. Apple promises to roll out +100 titles this fall.

Here’s the current lineup of games available on Apple Arcade: