The makers of RetroArch, an open-source front-end for emulators, has integrated AI into their classic gaming emulation platform. The tool now supports instant translation from Japanese into English.

The AI can create a text box that replaces Japanese characters with English translation. Alternatively, there is a speech mode when RetroArch reads the translation to you. All this is available at the press of a button, VentureBeat reports.

There is one difference between the speech and the text mode. Reading the text does not interrupt the game. For text translation, however, the game is paused while the AI is creating a new text box. For the AI service to work, you must setup the server URL on a local or public network.

If fan translations and Google Translate have made some retro games accessible, AI-powered simultaneous translation from Japanese burst the door wide open for lots and lots of classic gaming titles.

The makers of RetroArch, LibRetro, spent quite a bit of time looking for a person who could integrate this kind of service into an emulator. According to the team’s blog, an unnamed developer helped them bring the idea to life.