The creators of Unity have rolled out a new platform – Unity Live Help. The service allows game developers to learn from industry experts.

Unity Live Help puts you in touch with an expert in any area of game development where Unity is used: programming, art, design, etc. Individual lessons take place within the virtual workplace that allows for the following functions:

  • video and text chat (the transcript of the session will be saved after the lesson);
  • sharing files and screenshots;
  • visual code editor to work together on the code in real time.

The site can be used not only to improve your skills, but also to find solutions to specific problems associated with game development. Unity Live Help will search for a relevant specialist based on the keywords you specify (for example, “Android”, “animation”, “level design”, “assets”, etc.).

Unity Live Help is a paid service, but all classes are preceded by a free 5-minute grace period. During this time, students will be able to assess the competence of the expert and decide whether to continue the lesson.

Right now the service is in beta.

This is already the second learning platform Unity has recently launched. The first one is called Unity Learn Premium . It allows you to level up your 3D development skills in real time.