What kind of video games market does Germany have? A post by “game – the German Games Industry Association” answers that.

And yes, the organization is actually called that: “game,” all lowercase, and then, if you like it official, you add “the German Games Industry Association” after a dash.  Anyway, here are some stats and charts.

Meet German gamers

  • In Germany, there are 34 million gamers.
  • The most popular platform is smartphones (18.6 million people).
  • The second most popular platform is console (16.7 million people).
  • PC ranks number three among top platforms (13.4 million people).
  • Tablets see their popularity drop, but they remain a platform of choice for 10.9 million gamers.
  • The average age of German gamers is 36.4 years.

Spending on games

  • The German video games market (including hardware sales) was worth €4.4 billion in 2018 (up from  €4 billion in 2017).
  • Most of the revenue came from mobile games (including IAPs) – €1.5 billion.
  • Console owners spent around €1.3 billion on games and services, making consoles the second biggest games market in Germany.
  • Sales of PC games accounted for €0.6 billion.
  • In general, the market grew by 9% (in 2017 it grew by 15%).
  • There are two main growth drivers: a 97% increase in online service sales which reached €353 million and a 28% increase in IAP spending that grew to € 1.9 billion.


Data presented by game (as in game – the German Games Industry Association) comes from the study by market intelligence firm GfK and its subsidiaries. The company uses a number of ways to collect data. On this one, they conducted a survey of 25 thousand Germans about their game preferences.