Although Embracer Group has officially ended its restructuring program, another studio has fallen victim to this painful process. Pieces Interactive ceased to exist after 17 years.

Alone in the Dark dev Pieces Interactive closed after 17 years

Pieces Interactive shared the sad news on its official website, saying that it has been shut down and thanking everyone “for playing with us.” Parent company Embracer Group hasn’t yet commented on the studio’s closure.

The main reason for this decision is likely the commercial performance of Pieces Interactive’s latest release, Alone in the Dark. It in its financial report for FY23/24, Embracer noted that the game’s sales were “below expectations.

Pieces Interactive also reportedly laid off an unknown number of employees in April, but there weren’t much confirmation from the team.

Alone in the Dark is a reboot of the classic survival horror title, which launched on March 20 and received mixed reviews from both critics. It features two main characters portrayed by Hollywood actors David Harbour (Stranger Things) and Jodie Comer (Killing Eve).

The game currently has a 78% rating on Steam based on just over 1,000 reviews. Although players praised its atmosphere and soundtrack, many criticized the combat system and the hefty $60 price tag.

Pieces Interactive was a Sweden studio founded in 2007. It has since released over 10 games on PC, consoles, and mobile, including its own titles like Puzzlegeddon, Robo Surf, and Kill to Collect, as well as work-for-hire projects such as Magicka 2.

In August 2017, Embracer Group (then Nordic Games) acquired Pieces Interactive through its subsidiary THQ Nordic for SEK 2.8 million (around $351k at the exchange rate at the time). The studio helped the Swedish company develop two expansions for Titan Quest, Ragnarök and Atlantis.

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