Open world survival game Medieval Dynasty has reached an impressive new milestone. It has proven to be a huge success for Polish developer Render Cube.

Medieval Dynasty hits 2 million players, including over 1.75 copies sold

Render Cube shared the news on social media, saying that Medieval Dynasty has reached 2 million players globally. This likely includes both copies sold and users who tried the game via Game Pass.

“We are happy to see our community growing and that so many of you are enjoying the game,” the studio’s statement reads. “Our team works tirelessly every day to make the game even better, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing so many people playing and loving it.”

The game crossed the 1 million mark in June 2022, meaning it took about two years to attract another million users.

In its latest quarterly report, Render Cube noted that Medieval Dynasty had sold over 1.75 million copies globally as of January 17, 2024. This means Game Pass accounts for only a small portion of its lifetime player count.

In Q1 ended March 31, 2024, Render Cube reached PLN 5.09 million ($1.28 million) in net revenue, up 145% year-over-year. Its net profit grew 729% year-over-year to PLN 2.47 million ($626.6k).

The company attributed the impressive growth to the release of the co-op mode for Medieval Dynasty last December, which resulted in increased player interest and a long tail of sales. It currently plans to launch the mode on other PC stores and consoles in the second quarter of 2024.

Thanks to this update, the Steam version of Medieval Dynasty reached a new all-time high of 31,057 concurrent players on December 4 (via SteamDB).

Based in Łódź, Poland, Render Cube currently employs 36 people. It is led by CEO and creative director Damian Szymański, who previously worked as a 3D artist at Techland and CI Games.

Medieval Dynasty is the company’s only game. It launched in Early Access in September 2020, with version 1.0 arriving the next year. The title is currently available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

According to Render Cube, Medieval Dynasty also has over 1.42 million wishlists on Steam. It holds a “Very Positive” rating on the platform, with 90% of the 32.1 user reviews being positive.

The company plans to further develop the game and its IP. For example, it released a VR spin-off, Medieval Dynasty New Settlement (developed by external studio Spectral Games), earlier this year. In addition, Render Cube plans to start working on its new game in 2024.

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