Behaviour Interactive, best known for its online horror game Dead by Daylight, has announced its second round of layoffs this year. The cuts will mostly affect the company’s office in Montreal, Canada.

Behaviour Interactive lays off 95 employees as part of "strategic changes" to its structure

In a press release, Behaviour Interactive said it will reduce its workforce by 95 employees, 70 of whom are based in Montreal. This is part of the company’s “strategic changes” to its corporate structure and “improving the distinction between its product, production, business development, and marketing resources.”

“While changes to our structure and strategic vision have led to challenging decisions, we are confident that these decisions will position us for continued success,” Behaviour co-founder and CEO Rémi Racine said in a statement. “As we begin the next phase of Behaviour’s growth, our commitment to excellence in our products and workplace culture remains steadfast.”

The company noted that its headcount has increased from 575 to 1,300 employees over the past five years. However, the growing competition in the industry led to its decision to focus on its core strengths — making horror games. Behaviour will continue to produce new titles in the genre, expand its live service projects, and provide service to its development partners.

The layoffs won’t affect further development of Dead by Daylight or its Services business unit, which provides work-for-hire services to other companies such as Ubisoft, Sony, Activision, and Nintendo.

Earlier this year, Behaviour Interactive laid off 45 employees based in Montreal, or 3% of its global workforce. “Recently, changing market conditions necessitated adjusting the scope of several Behaviour projects,” the company said at the time.

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