Another’s Crab Treasure, a charming take on the Soulslike genre, has proven to be a huge success for small studio Aggro Crab. Here are some numbers for another indie success of 2024.

Speaking to GameDiscoverCo, Aggro Crab co-founder Nick Kaman revealed that:

  • Another’s Crab Treasure has already sold 250k copies since its launch on April 25;
  • Steam accounts for around 60% of the total, followed by PlayStation 5 (20%) and Nintendo Switch (20%);
  • It is unclear how many users downloaded the game via Game Pass, but GameDiscoverCo estimates the total number of players is close to 1 million.

According to SteamDB, Another’s Crab Treasure peaked at 4,715 concurrent players at launch. It currently has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” on Steam, with 95% of nearly 5,000 reviews being positive. Users praised the game’s combat, visuals, and story, with some calling it “one of the most unique takes on the Soulslike genre in both gameplay and presentation.”

“The goofy Souls-like angle is definitely one of our main hooks. It’s kinda crazy that nobody else has done it,” Kaman told GameDiscoverCo. He also believes that the game needs more than one selling point to succeed, so the team tried to create the unique underwater world and explore some “dark themes hidden beneath the goofiness.”

So Another’s Crab Treasure is a more complex game than you might think at first glance, and, judging by user reviews, many players loved this multi-layer approach.

The heavy focus on social media was another reason behind the success of Another’s Crab Treasure. According to Kaman, indie studios can’t rely on platform holders, press, and influencers, so Aggro Crab wanted to create their own platform by actively posting on Twitter and TikTok.

“Parts of the game we didn’t give a second thought ended up being super memorable,” Kaman said. “You can’t engineer virality, but you CAN put heart into the game, to give it as many opportunities for it as possible.”

You can read more about the game’s virality and Aggro Crab’s approach to marketing in the full GameDiscoverCo post.

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