PUBG has started a twisted cross-border love story. A married Pakistani woman was so impressed by the Indian man’s gaming skills that she decided to flee her homeland, taking her four underaged kids with her. This adventure nearly cost her freedom.

Married Pakistani woman fell in love with Indian man in PUBG, fleeing to an enemy country with her four kids

The news was first reported by The New Tork Times last week. According to the publication, 27-year-old Seema Ghulam Haider met 22-year-old Sachin Meena online after her husband moved to Saudi Arabia for a job.

  • The two started playing PUBG together, chatting for hours both in the game, on social media, and on the phone. The bond became so strong that Meena eventually decided to marry Haider.
  • When his relatives found out about it, they told him “how could he bring a woman from an enemy country.” However, Meena’s intentions were unwavering.
  • The couple met each other in person for the first time in March in Nepal, nearly four years into their PUBG-driven relationship. After the second trip to Nepal in May, Haider decided to never come back to Pakistan and move to India with her four children.
  • Unbeknownst to her husband, she sold her house to fund the trip to a foreign country. On top of that, Haider and Meena planned a route to cross the border between India and Nepal by “searching on YouTube.”
  • The couple started secretly living in Rabupura, a town outside New Delhi. However, they eventually ran into Indian authorities, who arrested Haider and her four kids for illegally crossing the border. Meena and his father were accused of conspiring to shelter an enemy.
  • Haider told reporters that she doesn’t want to come back and wants to marry Meena, adding that she “left everything for him.”
  • The couple could face several years in prison, but fortunately they were released from prison on Saturday after a local court granted bail to them (via Indian Express).
  • Interestingly, Haider knew that her new love wasn’t financially strong, earning about $100 a month at a cornet store. “She was not impressed by his work, but by his PUBG skills,” Sudhir Kumar, the head of the Rabupura police station, said.
  • The couple is now seeking help from the Indian government to get married. However, this could be a huge problem given that Haider is Muslim and Meena is Hindu. On top of that, the woman is still formally married to her Pakistani husband.

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