Latest regulations and restrictions in the mobile app industry have made a lot of developers afraid of losing their businesses. According to Bango, almost 30% of respondents from the UK and US believe that their studios might eventually close.

Bango surveyed 300 US and UK app developers and app marketers for its latest research titled “The App-oclaypse.”

  • 27% of them expect their business to shut down, citing Apple’s IDFA changes, Google’s decision to remove third-party cookies, and government regulations among the main reasons.
  • All these factors affect user acquisition on mobile, making it impossible to reach new audiences through traditional targeting.

  • According to the survey, 62% of app developers “have no idea” how they will acquire new paying users in the wake of new privacy regulations.
  • However, 64% acknowledge that user privacy must be the top priority for their businesses.
  • Education, entertainment, productivity, financial, game, and lifestyle apps have been affected by the so-called “App-ocalypse” the most.

The full research can be found here.

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