GitHub has started suspending accounts of Russia-registered users in accordance with the latest full blocking sanctions placed by the US. This affected not only large banks, but individual developers as well.

The news was reported on IT blog Habr, with user nicknamed Veratam noting that accounts of Russia’s financial institutions like Sber and Alfa Bank have been blocked.

A few Russian users also pointed out that their personal accounts were suspended, saying that they haven’t received any response from GitHub support yet. It is worth noting that when blocking a corporate account, access to repositories remains for a couple of hours, while personal accounts are suspended immediately.

According to Habr, some users also received notifications from GitHub, reading that their accounts might be operated from a sanctioned region. In this case, a developer can file an appeal to check whether a company is located in North Korea, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, and Syria.

On April 6, the US Department of Treasury placed full blocking sanctions on Alfa Bank and Sberbank, freezing their assets and prohibiting US persons from doing business with them.

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