Apple has filed a lawsuit against Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), which opened a case against the company in October over its refusal to let developers use third-party payment methods.

The lawsuit was listed in the Moscow Arbitration Court database on December 1, according to Forbes Russia

The database does not state why exactly the company is suing the FAS. However, as a FAS representative told Forbes, Apple challenges a warning issued to it in August.

The company should have made changes to clause 3.1 in its App Store Review Guidelines by September 30, so iOS developers would be able to add buttons within their apps linking to alternative payment methods.

When Apple ignored the warning, the FAS opened a case against the company at the end of October. The Service also accused it of “abusing its dominant position in the distribution market for iOS apps.”

Apple is now facing similar problems in the US. On September 10, a court ruled the company must let developers add links to third-party payment options outside the App Store. Apple, however, still considers collecting commissions from IAPs from these transactions.

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