Epic Games has added new social experiences to Fortnite. Party Worlds allow players to hang out and participate in different activities together. This concept aligns with the company’s strategy to build its own metaverse.

Party Worlds are special locations, which don’t link to other islands. Users can play mini-games, communicate with each other, make parties, and relax there. These worlds are designed to be peaceful combat-free zones.

Fortnite already has two Party Worlds, Walnut World and Late Night Lounge. On top of that, Epic Games will let players create their own experiences. According to guidelines, they should focus on self-expression, encourage social interaction, and should not be threatening to other users.

While the company didn’t mention it in the announcement, Party Worlds might be another step for Epic Games on its way to creating 3D online space, which should connect elements from both virtual and real worlds. As Tim Sweeney pointed out last month, the metaverse might become a “multitrillion-dollar part of the world economy.”

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