Pfizer has launched a new campaign in Brazil to promote vaccination among young people. Players can take part in a special mission in GTA RolePlay, a modified version of the game, and get vaccinated in real life.

Image: @niny.rp, Instagram

The initiative was launched by Pfizer Brazil on Cidade Alta, one of the most popular role-playing servers for GTA V in Latin America.

The company urged players to take part in special challenge #InGameVaccine, AdAge reported. Gamers can get their in-game characters vaccinated and get a special blue bandage if they received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine in real life.

“With a daily audience of more than 6 million combined views on various platforms, we are committed to bringing not only entertainment, but knowledge and awareness to those who watch our creators and streamers or play on our platform,” said Paulo Benetti, CEO of Outplay, which owns the Cidade Alta server.

A few popular Brazilian streamers also took part in the campaign, including Taspio, Piuzinho, and Babi.

The initiative was also supported by Ogilvy Brazil. The company said that this campaign communicates directly with Gen Z and should raise awareness among young people and encourage them to get vaccinated.

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