Ampere Analysis has shared some insights on the state of game subscription services as of August 2021. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass continues to dominate the market.

Key figures from the report

  • The overall number of games included in subscription services increased by less than 1% from July to August 2021;
  • EA Play’s catalogue size on PC decreased by 8% in August, with 40% of removed games being over 5 years old;
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate had the largest share of new games added to the platform — 27%. At the same, it had the largest share of games removed — 30%;

  • 51% of titles added to subscription services in August were released in or after 2020;
  • 71% of racing games added to Xbox Game Pass in August were developed by Codemasters, which is another sign of EA integrating Codemasters’ catalogue into its service after acquiring the British company in February.

The full report can be found here.

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