It’s never been a secret that Epic Games has been losing tons of money from launching games exclusively on its store. Now we might have some exact figures dated 2019.

The data appeared in the documents unearthed during the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple. GameDiscoverCo founder Simon Carless shared the information on August 3.

According to the documents, the company spent $210 million in minimum guarantees (MG) to attract developers to Epic Games Store during the first wave of exclusives in August 2019. However, it resulted in $130 million of expected losses, based on these games’ performance.

The list shared by Carless includes 23 games. Only two of them generated more money than Epic Games paid them in MG. A redditor even tried to link all these titles to the figures, based on their release date on EGS.

For example, the company could have paid $37 million for Metro: Exodus, while The Division 2 could have cost the company $35 million. However, Carless cautions that not all of these matchings might be accurate, as some games have been released on the same day.

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